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PT81 (1939) Pickup

Guest wings515

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Guest wings515

I am about to do an investigation on installing a tailgate on my PT81. At this time I have made a wood gate but I would like to replace it with an original. Here are some of the questions, I can get a 37/38 script gate, can this be used on the 39. The front bed piece is 48" wide, should the gate be 47.75" to fit inside or does it wrap around the side panels? What is the part number for the latches. Does anyone have the dimensions of the latches, both male and female. Also need exact location of the latches on the gate. Do the hinges have a bearing insert in the gate? Are the hinges used on Plymouth/Dodge the same as those used on Chevys. They look similar when posted on ebay. How are the latches and hinges attached to the side posts? Are there threaded inserts in the posts or are the nuts "loose" hardware?

Sorry for all the questions but I am limited on available information.

Best regards,

Dan K.

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