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Removing 56 Speedometer-any hints?

Guest gunjeep444

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Guest gunjeep444

I have the dash pad off, after removing the radio and clock for rebuild I took a look at removing the speedometer to send off for rebuild. The lights and bolts holding it on were pretty simple, but trying to disconnect the other gauges from the cluster so I could get it out was beyond me. Any hints/pix on how to do this? Guy I will have do it recommended mirrors/small screwdrivers, but then getting it all back together? I have local mechanic coming to my garage next week to take a look at it. Dash just seems to be sorta hanging there, is it a job to just remove it?

thanks, Jerry

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The answer to your first question, "it ain't easy", but it can be done. The one gauge you want to be very careful with is the temp. gauge. Don't kink or cut the copper line. Everything else comes out with screws or small nuts. If you have about 3 elbows, 4 wrists and several extra knuckles on each arm, it's not bad. Getting some of the lower nuts and screws is rather tricky, but, not impossible. Taking out the complete speedo, gauge unit works the best as far as I'm concerned. Keep trying, Paul

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Here are some current pictures of the one I harvested from my 56 Roadmaster back in 1975 or 76. At that point harvesting the unit was more important than preserving the wiring for reinstallation. These will give you a view to how things are attached. But to preserve for reattachment, I guess I would say the first thing to do is pull the steering wheel and column out to get better access. While under there, detach the travel odomer reset knob from the bottom of the dash board.

The first image below focuses on the gas guage side. Note the four screw holes where the guage was attached. I am 90% certain I pulled that guage with the dash unit and it is currently in my Super. Also note the one screw holding the wiring harness to the unit.


The next picture shows the oil pressure guage, which is still in this unit. It detached at the line in with wrenches.


This next one shows the temp guage area. Note the two screws holding it on. Do like Paul said and be careful with this. Detach and leave this in the car so you do not break the hollow copper tube which makes it work.


This last one shows the Amperes guage. I would just take these wires off and leave the guage in the cluster.


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