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Help on identification of '39

Keith L.

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Hello, Keith here. Attached are three photos of the back seat of a ’39 Coupe that’s currently on Ebay for sale. I’m not bidding but I’m interested in what the photos show. This is for my own edification on ’39 Zephyr coupes. In the photos it looks like a jump seat or some kind of tray. What is it, Just Junk? Can anyone with a ’39 coupe identify it? What is behind the front seat on a ’39? I always thought they had just a packing tray and luggage space.




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Keith, not too much to go on.

Pic # 1...left is a front seat back, middle between "X" brace looks like remanants of sun visors, and rear is looking into trunk area. Pic # 2 both front seat backs on left is the glove box cardboard. Pic # 3 again the front seat backs looking into the trunk area. Best I could do.

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