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Thank You Staff and Volunteers!


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To all the AACA Staff and Volunteers, a whopping huge Thank You for all your work to make Hershey 2012 a great success.

We at Vintage Steam Products (Carolyn and I) had a wonderful time visiting with friends, shopping in the flea market, and eating way too much chocolate!

Just Think, Hershey 2013 is only 50 weeks away! I can't wait.

Thanks again so very much!

Don and Carolyn Hoke

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The new larger signage which was mounted higher was a big plus for those of us lining up for the judge's breakfast sign-in process. **two thumbs up**

Also, the trend of letting us in earlier is a big plus. Many of the judges are now dealing with knee replacements, hip replacements and other mobility issues that are made worse by standing for long periods in one place on something like cement. Being able to sit down saves our joints and feet and makes judging easier on us. And it also makes it so much easier on us when we are the Team Captain. We can go through the paperwork sooner to organize it and make sure we have everything we need to do the job in a timely fashion. It also gives us time to chat with friends and judging team members before the offical part of the day starts.

An item that was missing from the map and the announcements was where Admin. would be for this year. I was able to check with Vicki Bolton after the breakfast to find out. And an idea for the future would be to add on the map where the restrooms/porta-johns will be in the show field.

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