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1949 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe 3,500 ACTUAL MILES ALL ORIGINAL CAR!!!!! For Sale


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This car was just purchased from a St. Louis area estate where it was owned by the former owner since 1975. Prior to his ownership, it is believed that this car has had only three other owners since new. The most remarkable aspect of this car is its mileage of only about 3,530 ORIGINAL miles since new. This car is completely original inside and out, top and bottom, front to rear. It has never been improved, updated or changed in any way. The tires are believed to be all original including the spare and show virtually no wear on them. The paint is all original with no signs of touchups or fill-ins anywhere. Other that the expected overall chips and scratches, the only areas of paint loss are on the lower doors where bare metal is exposed. If someone wanted to, this area could be filled in and the car would look like new. Of course, the door gaps and margins, hood and trunk fit, etc are just as they left the factory and the fit on this car is better than most 100 point restored show cars. There are no signs of rust and no rust bubbles anywhere.The interior is completely original and like new.The only area of wear is the rubber door gaskets which have deteriorated over the years. The glass is all original and excellent. The dashboard, steering wheel, etc are like new as well. There are no signs of wear, stains, seam separation, etc on the seats, door panels or headliner. The carpets are original and show some signs of mildewing which could probably be cleaned and they would look like new as well. The trunk retains its original mat which also has some light mildew stains. The chrome is all original and in good overall original condition showing only some expected wear on parts of the bumpers, but the condition of the chrome matches the rest of the car. Mechanically, the car runs and drives like new. Since being purchased earlier this year, the car was fully serviced in order to insure that it is mechanically sound and reliable. The gas tank was replaced, both the master and wheel cylinders were replaced, a new battery was installed and all of the fluids were changed. That was all that was required to make this car run like the new car that it is. Cosmetically, the car has only been cleaned and hand waxed, no attempt has been made to buff out the paint-the next owner can attempt that if they feel it is necessary. Overall, this is likely to be the lowest mileage, all original 1949 Chevrolets in existence today. It would be superb candidate for preservation class judging and would be a great addition to any collection that appreciates original and untouched vehicles. The car is located near St. Louis, Missouri and has a current and clear title. VIN# 3GKB7937. The price is 19,500.00. Please call 734-730-4274 or email: motoringicons@hotmail.com to schedule a viewing or for more photos and information. Thank you.











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Guest elliscars
Price reduced to 17,500.00

I simply need to know before I ask questions. Is the 1949 chevy coupe with 3500 original miles still available?

Jerry Ellis

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