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reinstalling 55 Special steering wheel - a video no less!


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OK, I have no excuse. I removed the steering wheel and made a 'mental note' of what order things went in. Trouble is, I have a far reduced mental capacity versus when I was 20....so, I don't recall the order in which to insert the pieces.

Rather than get into 'does the rubber thingy go in front of the springy bit with the you-know-what on it' I decided to go all high tech and record a quick video showing the pieces and my interpretation of how they go together. It isn't exactly going to have Spielberg quaking in his boots but it gets the message across FAR better than my writing.

So, here it is...a 1-2 min video...

As always, any input much appreciated. The bits I am very unsure about are shown at the end of the clip.


PS: Despite living in West Virginia, no, my accent isn't quite local.

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