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1962 Electra rear axle seal


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I posted this in my Me and My Buick thread, but am also posting it here looking for advice. I finally found what I am pretty sure was the cause of my brake problems. I pulled the rear drums to inspect and fix as necessary and found everything behind the drivers side drum was wet. My first thought was brake cylinder, but that was one of the few things that was dry. So, I am 99.9% sure that the axle seal is not doing its job anymore...after 50 years I guess it isn't too surprising. Has anybody here replaced one of these yet? How hard was it to do? After looking at the manual a little more closely than I did on Friday when I discovered this it looks like I will have to replace the bearing also because it is pressed on to the axle.

Is this something I should attempt myself? I have never done anything like this before, but I have friends that are mechanics in the Marine Corps and I can take it to the auto hobby shop on base to do the work. Or should I take this somewhere and get it done?


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