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Interested in everything 1950 Chrysler Windsor


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I just joined the forum and just want fellow 1950 Chrysler Windsor fans know that I'm looking at two vehicles right now to purchase. One looks great on the outside and after its inspection tomorrow will know about it mechanically. It's interior needs a lot of work.

The other has a few rust spots(nothing major), needs to be inspected, but has beautiful interior. It has been garaged for over 30 years. I won't get to see it until late next week. It is priced a lot cheaper than the first one I mentioned.

So what are the opinons-what's easier and or cheaper to restore-the outside or inside, assuming they are both mechanically sound. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Best scenario - buy them both...Just kidding.

I would venture to say that doing a little body work and paint is easier and far cheaper than interior work.

Ha-I wish I could! I'm just hoping the Chrysler I have yet to see and inspect will be sound mechanically. Any recommendations for paint and body work? I'm in Oregon but will soon return to AZ, where I will have the vehicle transported.

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