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Anybody done a robust seatbelt installation without welding?


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I am not a welder and would like to do this myself (I don't even know where I'd go now). I would like to install front and rear seatbelts in my 57 Buick and was wondering if anyone had done this using large bolts and washers in some prime location somehow? Or can it be done without going through the floor?

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Guest palosfv3

You will need to decide on what style of seat belt you want to use . The old lap style belts can be installed quite easily but there is a reason they don't use them today. Lap belts cause the body to pivot at the hip area and offer no head or upper body protection from the dash and other components that are not people impact friendly. This was the reason the feds mandated a lap and shoulder belt in the late 60's . Installing a lap/shoulder belt can be involved and not to many shops will take on the liability of an installation.

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