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1952 LeMans winning 300sl Gullwing Mercedes-Benz headlines Portland, OR area Concours July 15th


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A few years ago at the Monterey Historic there was a near identical '52 gullwing racing at Monterey with factory mechanics in attendance. I was miffed that Chevrolet couldn't see fit to field a Chevrolet SS or SR2 Corvette in a like minded manner, why should a foreign company believe in their old race cars more? But anyway, I have a question. I did research on the '52 Mercedes 300SL that Scott Grundfor bought that was bodied as a '57 300SL roadster called the SLS (Colliers magazine 1955) My question is, back when it was a works race car, did it run a 300SL roadster body at times and also a gullwing coupe body?

Secondly how many 300SLS cars like the ones in the Colliers magazine spread, did they make? I have heard three,and I have heard two (not to be confused with the lightweight 300SL roadsters made for the American racing effort of Paul O'Shea (apparently those two cars disappeared completely). Finally could the buyer of Grundfor's car rebody it as a '52 300SL coupe or roadster and what would that be worth completed? (Assuming the bodywork would probably cost $250,000!

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