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50 Chevy sagging rear spring


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I am wondering if installing spring over shocks in the rear of my 28k miles 50 Chevy would help put the rear end closer to a normal height.

The existing driver side rear springs is sagging a bid and I would rather not replace the original leaf springs which are still wrapped in the original wrapping.

I am looking at something like the Monroe Sensa-Trac Load Adjusting Shocks.

Any thoughts?

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Guest bofusmosby

I have never used these, so I googled them to read the info. It doesn't say they raise the car up, they just say that they will help keep the car level in weighted conditions. If the springs are sagging a bit (causing the rear to be a bit lower), not sure if this would do the trick. I remember my first car was a 68 Cougar, and both rear springs had sagged, so it was like always driving up hill. :D

I put air shocks on mine and that took care of the problem. I doubt you could get them for your car though.

I looked into having some work done on some rear leaf-springs a couple of years ago, and there was a place in my town that would actually take the original leaf springs (after the removal from the car) and apply reverse weight/tension to them in a process that would bring them back to original factory specs. I don't know if they disassembled the spring assemblies, or they did this while the assembly was still together. Just a thought.

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Guest Commodore

Here is some info on Re-arcing leaf springs. I think you should disassemble the spring pack to check for broken leafs no matter what.

If you want to do it yourself, checkout this form post.

Re-arc Leaf Springs: Grassroots Motorsports forum: Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

If you want somebody to do it for you. These guys do it or you could probably find somebody local do do it.

Leaf Spring Repair, Replacement, & Installtion | Kremer Services

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Thanks for the comments.

I did put on the shocks with the springs and it did help some. Since I just bought the car and want to drive it this summer I will make the rear spring repair or replacement a winter project. I may also replace the gas tank at the same time.

Thanks again

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