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W111 met her sister today


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So the cabriolet is a 300SE? I've been reading around, and some folks seem pretty worried about the air suspension; others not so worried. In any case, two fantastic looking cars. You should have gone away for awhile and left the other owner to ponder where you came from.

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I don't know enough about the system to comment really, but if like most other air suspension vehicles there is an available refit to standard mounts I see no reason to avoid them. Some people say they are easy to maintain if driven, but in my experience, all rubber rots, so you will eventually have problems it's just a matter of when (usually the least convenient moment) and how much it will cost. Standard setup doesn't leave you stranded or riding goofy style and tends to wear out gradually not suddenly fail. I think cost-no-object buyers are best suited to the 300se, and somebody has to save them, but otherwise I see no real advantage over a 280se considering the risk.

I would have loved to stayed around but we had just left our spot a few blocks up after a day of strolling the cafes and shops and were on our way to meet a friend elsewhere. Oddly I did see two other cabs, a green and a brown one, the same weekend. I've seen the brown one a couple more times out my window since, so we must be neighbors!

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