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exhaust system availability?


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I purchased a 1988 Reatta. It has a few issues. I've already fixed the headlight motors. Now want to replace leaking exhaust. Usual parts houses don't even list pipes / mufflers. Is exhaust same as riviera? Will be getting headliner fixed and putting body side moulding back onto the passenger door. Have engine light and a message that there is an electrical problem with the cruise control? I am not even sure where to start with that. When I register car (hopefully later this year) plan to flush trans and brake systems.

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Thank you Ron. I pulled the codes. MAF on the ECM readouts. Cruise control on the BCM readouts. MAF problem appears to be dirty (corroded) electical contacts. I went through the troubleshoot on the Cruise problem (BCM B673)(BD70). appears to be servo which I will be changing later this week. Your help is appreciated and welcome.

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