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Is This a Hupmobile?


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I'm trying to help my friend ID a car he found. Block says "Hupp" but the hubcap has an "S" on it. Tried to post some photos but it would not post. Post in the General Forum asking for photo posting info but getting no response. Going to try one more time to post the photos.










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I had problems getting the photos uploaded. My friend sent them me and they were about 80 mb each. I asked for instructions for getting them on here but no one responded. I finally downsized them to 19 mb each and posted them and I guess that is why they won't enlarge. Don't understand how people get photos uploaded that I have to scrool down the screen and across the screen to see the whole photo. The above problem is why I post show photos on facebook and not on here. There are no problems posting them there as long as I stay below 200 mb.

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Yeah Leif, I guess I was writing like I type; I was taking too many bytes. There are supposedly rules for posting photos and I cannot find them, even after searching many different keywords. The rules are different for different types of photos. I posted my photos as jpeg photos and something led me to think they had to be under 19 kbs. On facebook I keep them under 200 kbs which is quite different. I really didn't expect the photo posting rules to be too difficult to find but Oh Well.

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