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1991 NOS Park Avenue Grill


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... OK All....My son was in the garage last week and knocked a cat carrier off the shelf which landed square on the "B" on the grill on our 1991 Park Avenue and when the B was indended it spidered out underneath the chrome and really ruined the grill which was otherwise perfect/mint ... never in the rain and never in the elements ( only has 27,000 miles). This is what happens when plastic is chromed... Any way it is what it is.. I tried GMParts and they seem to no longer carry them, anyone havea brand new NOS 1991 Park Avenue Grill out there...reasonable??

I appreciate it,

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Just another reason why cats are pretty much the most pointless animal on the planet.

I may be going junking this weekend. I'll keep my eye out and see if I can't spot a nice used one. May be worth it to at least have a spare one to put on if you drive it on a trip.

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Thanks Keith,

I have looked for a new OEM and e-mailed a few dealers but have had no response or no luck in finding an OEM ... which I thought was going to be a bit easier....so the new OEM one on Ebay looks like the tickets this time.


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