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Brake Connector

Ron K.

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Mr. Whelihan nicely sold me the correct brake line "T" connector that attaches to the frame just outside of the Master Cylinder to replace a non original one that had been installed years ago. The hole in the frame that is large enough for the connector to fit into (held in place by a clip) is a closed (box) part of the frame and I cannot figure out (if this is the correct hole) how to secure it there.

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Ron, I'am working on the same thing right now on a '48 LC Coupe. I checked my early chassis

parts list,'36-'40 , Nov 1939 and they list a 96H-2160A and a 96H-2160B connector. In this

parts list there is NO LISTING for model 56 or 57( Continentals) BUT in the large and later

parts book('36-'48) all models, Printed Nov 1948; they pick up the models 06H-56,57.

(1940 Cont .cab & coupe) My '48 uses the "T" with a hole for a bolt. Are you restoring a 100

pt. car or just trying to repair the brakes? Did Alan send you the later "T' ? "E" mail me

at zephyr38 @verizon.net if I can be of any more help--- Larry

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