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Who at National should receive Region Newsletters?

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I am a Past President of the Vernon L Nash Antique Auto Club of Fairbanks, Alaska Region and have just assumed the Newsletter Editor position. I have searched everywhere in my stuff from the last two years as President and in material on this forum, and I haven't a clue who at National should receive the monthly issues of our region's newsletter. I send a courtesy copy to Joanna Cooper, but its seems that somebody at Hershey ought to get a copy. Who should get the e-mail copy of our club's monthly newsletter?


Rick Larrick

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Congratulations Rick on becoming your region's newsletter editor. Each year all AACA clubs get a form to fill out, the Officers Reporting Form. This form identifies the club editor. After Hershey receives the completed forms, a letter will be sent back to you with the addresses of the Publications Committee members that your newsletter needs to be mailed to for the NAAP scoring team. The NAAP scoring team may change from year to year, depending on the duties assigned to them annually.

For the time being just keep working and learning about your very important job as club editor.

Oh, and guys, VERY IMPORTANT HERE, make sure those Reporting Forms are sent in on a timely manner.;) This makes the AACA Development/Support team's job much easier.


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