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26-27 roadster body


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I am looking to buy a 26 or 27 DB roadster body or even the rear half of one with matching deck lid. Might even be able to use the same from a coupe. 27 roadster could be either trunk or rumble seat. 26-27 coupe and 26 roadster were trunk only. Also any of the above deck/rumble lids by themselves. Still need a 29 DA coupe deck lid. Help me with my projects guys, please, before John Keiser finds me something else. :D

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Here are a few pics of 26-27 cars. The trunk lid is roughly 40 1/4"x20" and the rumble seat lid on the 27 Roadster is 40 1/4"x25". I have noticed the inner skin on the trunk lid to have a different "hole" pattern on 26 than on 27 cars. I do not know if that is just a running change or if there where different locations where these were made and they differed form place to place of manufacture or what but I don't care, either will fit. I am looking for more than just the lids, just to be clear. I do need either a body or rear section of a 26-26 roadster or possibly coupe that I can rob the sheet metal from to repair mine. Although I will gladly take just lids as well! I will get some more deck lid pics later.





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