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A Judging Observation!

R W Burgess

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From the Hershey Show field!

On Saturday, I was at the show field entrance membership tent working alongside my buddy Peter Heizmann (Pedro). We worked from 10 till 12:30pm. The next shift behind us got tied up at Judge's Adminstration because there was a shortage of judges this year.

A lady friend of mine actually judged this year, even though she is recovering from a fall that broke more than 3 bones in her legs and ankles. She related to me that the pain came back in her legs and she had to be rescued and put back in her wheel chair before seh could finish judging her classes. She also told me that the fellows pushing her were in not much better shape than she was. We all all aging folks.

I'm bringing this up on the forum, because judging at Hershey is a very special opportunity to get up close and personal with special cars that appeal to you. I am asking that those of you on this forum that are not AACA members to please consider joining our organization and learning about the "Hershey Experience" from the judge's viewpoint.

I wish there was a faster way to communicate to everyone when we are short of judges. Sometimes the word gets out, sometimes it doesn't.


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