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100 Years of Dodge

Guest ffoeg

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Hi is there anybody down here in New Zealand or Australia keen to take there car to Americafor the 100 years of Dodge. I have had quotes to send car over and bring back. I intend to make a good holiday of it and go ealier and do route66 leaving from LA, then go to celebrations and do the trip back to LA.

I know its along trip but we are only on this planet once and this is a trip of a lifetime. If you are interested you could email me direct . marg.geoff@xtra.co.nz Let us show people what our Dodges are made of:)

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Sounds interesting!!!WE just finished a 9000 plus mi.trip in june with our 31DH which included some of route66 and we were so impressed we plan on taking our 31 to 100 yr's then in oct.going on route66.

What year of car do plan on bringing?

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