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Guest steveskyhawk

I have never seen a complete NOS Reatta taillight assembly for sale anywhere. The condition of the taillight on a Reatta make or breaks the appearance of the car. I think that this price with shipping charges added is reasonable. If you want your taillight to look perfect then there aren't many other alternatives.

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Guest Richard D

For $2K you could buy one with a Reatta attached. May need some serious polishing to get clear as new but I have seen it done. He used a Micro-Polish kit for a F-16 canopy. Found the polish kit on epay. Actually a NOS part is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

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$2K is not in my modest parts budget, but I'll agree with Richard here, if someone wants a complete NOS tail lamp bad enough and has the funds, $2000 is fair enough. The trick is finding the right buyer. Another question is, what was the last GM list price for a complete tail lamp unit? I'll bet it was well over $1000, and that would've been early 1990's dollars.

Look at it this way, one is not likely to put a $2000 NOS tail lamp on a daily driver Reatta with say 75-90k miles on it that they purchased for under $4000. Yet, if you have a museum quality car with say under 5,000 miles, and need or just want a spare to keep it in that condition, then why not? I stockpile parts I don't need right now for future use, so surely someone (of much greater means than I) will find the idea of having a perfect tail lamp on hand desirable.

For a bona-fide collector (not sure how many there are interested in the Reatta; I suspect a few but they keep a very low profile) who has possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in cars, what is another $2k? If they have it, they can spend it. Of course, this is Jay Leno collector-mindset level stuff. If you think that way, you will pay the price for perfection. Since this is the first NOS assembly I have seen offered anywhere in the 4 years I have been actively involved in Reattadom, it is hard for me to say it isn't a fair price. High, yes, but not necessarily unfair.

It may seem absurd to a mere mortal like me to spend that much on a part when the whole car on which it fits can routinely be purchased for the same amount. That said, there is probably some Reatta obsessed perfectionist out there who will make the purchase.


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