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1962 Intake Manifold/Carb Interchange

D Yaros

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1962 Intake Manifold/Carb Interchange

Engine = 394 w/ 4 bbl. Rochester

Question is:

Will the 1963 4 bbl. intake and Rochester 4 bbl. for an A/C equipped car fit and work on a 1962 w/o A/C?.

Here is the carb tag info: The aluminium tag has the 7023051 number along with 'H2" and "62"

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Dave, my parts book shows all 394 4BC intakes are the same 59-64. P/N 382858.

The only difference in an A/C carb should be a hot idle compensator, and I don't think all those early A/C carbs had that.

Not sure what you'll get into with carb and transmission throttle rod linkage. Best to get all that from the 4BC car too just in case.

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