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I want to install an electric starter in my Model 31, 1913 Buick. The flywheel is fully enclosed. So I'm looking for options that don't involve cutting a hole in the flywheel/clutch housing to install a starter.

Has anyone positioned a starter motor up front that is linked by a serpentine belt to the two pulleys serving the fan and magneto shaft? I'm guessing that a belt tensioner (as well as replacing flat surface pulleys with ribbed surface pulleys) would also be necessary. The pulley mounted on the magneto shaft is linked by enclosed gears to the crankshaft........and in theory could be used to crank the engine via the serpentine belt. Any other ideas or cautions?

Duane Lyon

Redding, CA

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Some vehicles of the era had the starter on the input shaft to the transmission. The starter would be used with the transmission in neutral and the clutch engaged. Not perhaps your first choice but could be a practical solution.

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