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What is this Starfire worth?


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When I was a teenager I bought a 1964 Oldsmobile Starfire from my dad for what his customer owed him.

It was Black with white leather interior and a 394 4 barrel, buckets, console and electric everything!

I was stylin!!!

I did a refreshen resto on it in 1987 for my wedding day. It was our lead car.

After my divorce I needed money real bad and sold it (waaaaay too cheap!)

Today after going through the threads on this site I was wondering about that car and for the heck of it decided to do a search on 1964 Olds Starfire's.

As it turns out my old Starfire (I think) is for sale in my home town.

I have e-mailed the owner and I am looking forward to hearing back from him.

My problem is that I think his price is too high.

The paint looks like the paint job I put on it in 1987 and if it is KNOW there is bondo in the rear 1/4's.

What do you think it's worth??

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Price depends on what you PERSONALLY see in a car. I would expect it to be more than what you sold it for. After all, how may still exist and it has been many years later. There are fewer each year sadly.


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It looks to me like the car needs chrome (and there is alot on that car) possibly paint and who knows what else. The photos were hard to tell. Wouldn't you beable to find a super nice example for twice that you could just enjoy? They may be getting rarer for the sake of a better word but they are still available. I would find a better example for a little more, unless you like the project end of the deal. I would say the price is a little high. There is one around here from down south that looks pretty nice and I believe his price is down around 4200 now. They are not side by side so it's hard to truly compare them. I know 60's oldsmobiles unless they are cutlasses are not good sellers. I sell parts and you have to give away NOS full size parts including beautiful chrome mouldings. That shows you how many people are doing the cars and how desirable they are. I personally like them but they have just been passed over by the old car crowd in general. Just my opinion of course.

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