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Old Dealership Research

Michael L.

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Good Day Fellow Lincoln Enthusiasts:

Being a new owner, I have lots of naive questions, so please bear with me. I just received a copy of the Original Production Card for my 41 Continental Cabriolet and it shows that my car was shipped to a dealership called Town & Country on Feb. 10, 1941. I am trying to follow my car's history and travels. How do I find out where Town & Country dealership was/is located? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Mike L.

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You can google it...appeal to folks on these boards and gerneraly ask around...I have been trying to find out for my car for 35 years with no real luck...I did determine that the name on my sheet was a dealer as opposed to what I thought was a sir name. My sheet said car went to Ely-Bloodworth which I have found to been a dealership name..in the Raleigh area.....But a dead end after that...I bought my car from a dealer ..who got it from the famous stocking guy who just passed, with all the LZ's..but before that no history...I had really hoped it was a special order car..with a name but apparently not.....

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