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Buick "nailhead Identification

Guest olmanmp

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Guest olmanmp

I inheritied a 1958 homebuilt wooden speedboat from my Uncle. Im not sure what engine it has but I have been told it is a 1957 "366" Nailhead. I've also been told it is a early 60s 425. I need to know how to identify the engine and what the specifics are on horse power, max rpms and whether or not I need lead additive and high test fuel. The bell housing is cast with the block. It has a 4bbl carter carb and a mechanical fuel pump. Can anyone help?

Here is more information: numbers on heads:1172889, on bell housing 1173201-9, on manifold 1173313, on top of block engine number 4D40 22074, production code # 364671?, on the fornt of the block 1174372,

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Better to ask in Buick - General - AACA Forums

The guys will need the serial number to ID correctly. A photo would assist

Could be a 364 ci nailhead

Some info here



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4D4022074 corresponds to a 1957 serial number of a car built in the Kansas City plant. I believe by then the engine serial numbers may have matched the car serial number. Is that number stamped? If a 1957 engine, it would be a 364 cid. The engine for the upper series could have a Carter 2507. These had 10.0:1 compression and made 300 hp at 4600 rpm (330 hp with high performance kit).

Good luck.

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Guest DaveCorbin

Thriller is correct on all points he makes except the engine is for a Special (lead digit 4) which means it makes 250 HP, still one H----- of a boat motor!!

The last digits of 22074 correspond to a car built the last week of Febuary 1957.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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