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1965 Buick seat belts

Larry Minery

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I need four (4) seat belts from 65 Buick Wildcat, La Saber, Electra (are skylarks the same?). Prefer back seat type as they will go into the back seats of my 65 Wildcat and 55 Roadmaster 76R. Could use fronts, but outside ones don't have proper anchors (retractable). Webbing & color are no concern as will have new installed. The buckles have the Fisher "coach" in blue. Some backgrounds I have seen for the "coach" are red and some are gold, don't know why. I would prefer the RED. The buckles are the aircraft lift to release type. parts need to be good to excellent with no rust. Thanks for any help. Larry Minery 714-639-1197

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Sorry if I mislead you, read your post as wondering if you could get the 65 seatbelts from a Skylark. What I am trying to say is you can. It was option J1 Custom Seat Belts with Retractors. a whopping $5.83.

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