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Guest Kinmann

Hello, my name is Kevin. I'm 31 and recently purchased my 3rd Riviera! I fell in love with the Riviera when my car freak dad brought home the 1971 Riv that he eventually sold unfortunately at the time for a 1970 don't get me wrong....I love both, but I sat on his lap and drove that Riv down country roads. I bought the '71 back from the guy after my dad passed. I was given the 1970 he had when he did pass. Both have been restored and sit in a heated storage facility! I just purchased an all original early production '63. Man, I wish my dad was here to cruise with, not the case....but, I'm going to restore this one with him in mind! If he was around....I'd challenge him with stats.....that's a boring game we had that I loved! Go to car shows and he would ask me questions about each car.

Anyways, im leaning towards doing an extensive on frame restoration....i cant see half a#%^ng it.

The best thing I did was join the ROA!

Thanks for all your knowledge and future support!

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