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  1. This air cleaner was with a bunch of parts I bought. The gentlemen said it came from a 64 Riviera. I had. 65 at the time and my air cleaner was different. It’s in decent shape for its age. Item is located in Clayton NC. The box weighs 17lbs. $75 plus shipping or make offer.
  2. Well I guess I’m a member of the 1%. Plain and simple, I like the patina based on what I can see and you have a title. I enjoy the adventure when I know there’s a good chance that what I see in the pics won’t disappoint in person. I’ve bought and sold around 15 cars/trucks over the last 30 years and each one had a story. They rarely make sense financially but my wife knows where I am at night and I don’t waste money playing golf. I suck at it. Just not enough in the first photo to take the chance on this one. I will be in Philly in the next 90 days and will check back in. Maybe the stars will
  3. That would be an 900 mile round trip which I might be willing to make if I had a better idea of overall condition. I’m certain I’m not the only one reading your ad that lives a considerable distance from you that would love to learn more about your truck. Interior pic to include the dash, a pic of each side and finally the engine compartment would be awesome to see and would help provide a baseline for what I or others might be starting with.
  4. Is there any way to get some additional photos?
  5. The throat is 4.25" and it fits my Carter AFB. Please PM me if you are still interested. Thanks!
  6. This tach was restored by D&M in Greenville SC and has been modified to work with both points and electronic ignition modules. The cost of restoration alone was $342. The chrome and face are in beautiful condition and it works perfectly. The air cleaner assembly came off of a 64' Buick Riviera. This is in excellent driver quality condition but will require some paint and repair to be perfect. Asking $475 or best offer for the tach and $75 or best offer for the aircleaner. Please PM me if interested. Buyer pays shipping. T
  7. Most of the parts sold Sunday night but the tach didn't quite reach my reserve. I had some interest in the air cleaner but it came up short as well. I'm listing both in the Buick Buy Sell section. Here are some photos. Thanks, Ron
  8. I powered up the 8 track this afternoon and it wouldn't turn on so I pulled the listing. Several items have hit their reserves.
  9. Jframe/Zimm63, I listed everything on eBay Sunday evening. The reserves are very reasonable. Here's the link for the trunk release: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-65-Buick-Riviera-Vacuum-Trunk-Release/173001020003?hash=item2847aa1263:g:sHoAAOSwFytaG3hc&vxp=mtr Here is the link for the tach: https://www.ebay.com/itm/60s-Buick-Tachometer-Tach/173000987723?hash=item2847a9944b:g:xRkAAOSwpuFaG29N&vxp=mtr Thanks, Ron
  10. Good evening! Life has taken a bit of a turn and My Riviera project has been on the back burner for far too long. Time to pass it on to someone who can provide the attention she deserves. I have listed the following parts I have been collecting on eBay and I can provide links if you are interested. I have the following... 65 Vinyl Top Trim 60's Buick Tach, restored and modified for electronic or conventional ignition Complete Rear Arm Rest for 1st Gen Riviera Complete vacuum trunk option with 65 correct Trunk Release Horn Bar for wood wheel, needs chrome 1s
  11. I had both '64 standard and '65 custom seat frames down to the bare metal and could find no differences between the two. When I installed my Clark's custom seat covers in my '65 I actually used the '64 standard frame because it was in better condition. The seat buns are definitely different sizes.
  12. Rob, Having spent some time with the previous owner of your car, I am aware of the back story and I know how much he wanted to see this car restored in memory of his late brother. You are certainly doing it justice and I hope he has a chance to see this thread and get a feel for the commitment you have made to the restoration of this Riv. Great job! Looking forward to the rest of the story. Ron
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