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My new 1963 Riviera

Guest mtn

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What do you guys think of it ? Also looking at my side mirror through the side window not the vent. My spare is on the trunk floor. 140 speedo. Does that cover it all for the data base ? If not let me know and I'll answer any questions I can !













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Guest riomar000

I've got a black on black '63 too. It's no where as put together as yours... Yet. Will you be doing any mods or resto? You also forgot one of the most important pictures. The engine.

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OK Mitch: The side mirror could have originally been a manual and was replaced with a remote controlled one. The R/C mirror usually sits forward a few inches closer to the fender.

Black on black, Custom fabric interior, power windows a/c and wire caps. Not much else to improve upon unless there's a nice looking girl sitting inside the car. (another) Mitch

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The only factory side mirror option was the remote mirror on the driver's side. It was an option; 20% of new '63 Rivs were sold with no side mirror. You could buy a manual side mirror from the dealer as an accessory.

Most of the '63s had the side mirror back on the door, where you looked through the side window to look into the mirror. Buick had a lot of complaints about this location and eventually moved it forward on the door, such that you looked at it through the vent window instead. All '64 and '65s that had a side mirror had it forward on the door.

Your data plate says the body was built during the first week of December, 1962 (12A). The TRIM 787J2 (Black cloth and vinyl custom trim with wood grain, electric seat) PAINT AA (Regal Black) ACC D (radio) I6 (tinted glass) N2 (A/C) SU7 (remote side mirror and electric windows) Z4 (remote trunk release).

Of note here is the "ribbed dash". This was introduced during the last week of November. Prior to that, Rivs had a "smooth dash". The spare on the floor, the 140 MPH speedo are as expected for this build month.

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It also came with a wonder-bar radio (still works),white tires assuming this means white walls ? premium wheel covers,AC,and power antenna.Along with all the options that Jim mentioned. It is an restoration and seems in decent shape. Still may need some advice on hvac controls and which one does what, but for now I,m just glad I got it home before the big snow storm!!


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