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The Buick: A Complete History - 6th Edition


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I was on amazon.com looking up Buick books and came across the following:

The Buick: A Complete Histroy - 6th Edition, by Terry Dunham and Lawrence Gustin

Available: New - Zero

Used - Four

$976.98 - like new condition

$1,200.33 - good condition

$1,200.83 - very good condition

$1,200.83 - very good condition

If these are accurate values, I wish I had bought a case of them at the 2006 BCA National Meet in Rochester, insted of just the one copy I did buy!

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Guest 827GFZ73

Here is another WOW! Incredible! With this book, you can buy several of the lavishly illustrated 1941 Buick Limited spiral bound sales catalogs!


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1973 Buick Regal

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