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Help indentify 1913 era car

Guest Stismith

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Guest Stismith

My brother has been doing the family genealogy. He sent me this pic of my great grandpa in his car, the little kid is my grandpa.

I am trying to identify the car in the photo which I think is a 1912 Buick.

The license plate is a 1913 North Dakota plate. Being North Dakota, I would think it would be relatively common car make.

I appreciate the help.

Scott Smith


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Guest Stismith

Thanks Leif that does look like the car.

I thought Overland first, because of the fenders, but most grill shells in picture I saw were more rounded at the top.

What threw me off was the cowl lights. On many cars in saw on the internet had square one's where these are round style, like in the Buick book photo. Maybe they used both.

This probably explains why my grandpa was a diehard Buick guy, since his dad had one.

Thanks Scott Smith

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