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In Florida This winter? Read This!

Paul Dobbin

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Our club, about 50 miles north of this show site, makes an annual pilgrimage to Sarasota in our antique cars for this great show sponsored by the Sunshine Region of AACA See Annual Devereaux-Kaiser Collector Car Meet AACA – Sunshine Region They're ready to do it again for the 43rd time. Me too.

Annual Devereaux-Kaiser Collector Car Meet

Sunday, January 30, 2011 from 8 AM to 3 PM

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The Annual Devereaux-Kaiser Collector Car Meet AACA – hosted by the Sunshine Region was today. Like Hershey, a photo or 100 photo's won't tell the story. We drove 50 miles down from St. Petersburg, FL to Sarsota with about 25 antique cars from our club. Other clubs from our area also drove down with another group and the "lone wolf" guys.

We saw lots of brass cars, woodies, HPOF's, sports cars, trucks, race cars, drivers, show cars, customs, some hot rods, a few replicars. The only way to see it all was to walk every isle of the approximate 2000 vehicle show. Only thing we didn't see was anybody who was there for a Trophy. (There were none) A friendlier bunch than car guys & gals is hard to find.

As usual, the car coral had some good buys and some people waiting for the

the big dumb fish, but we made it home without buying another car.

Two firsts this year, #1 nobody new from th Forum found me, #2 there were no 1934 Fords there (we drove our 35 Buick)

We took the scenic road home and stopped at a local eatery in Bradenton FL

for dinner with about 20 of our group.

It was 74 degrees and all these 2000 car owners were enjoying our hobby

just as we were. Dosen't get much better than that. Thanks Sunshine Region.

Any Forum members go?

Photo's from last years show shown below.


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I agree with you on the great meet today. I just posted a comment and some pictures of the show in the "General Discussion" section of the forum.

Sorry I missed finding you and introducing myself to you. I was there with my 66 Mustang, having driven down from Tampa. Unfortunately, I spent half the day away from my car. Otherwise, i would never have had the chance to see the great show.

This really was a great event.


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