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Christmas Quiz

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Oh my! What a lethargic lot you "British Car Enthusiasts" are! It is difficult to see any enthusiasm at all.

The attached drawing contains 27 motor cars. Most are of British manufacture although there are a couple of foreigners in there just to test you out. They are all currently being DRIVEN in Vintage Sports Car Club (UK) events. How many out of the 27 can you identify? Don't fall into one obvious trap. They are all pre-war cars, there were no VW's sold in England pre-war and either way they are not accepted by the VSCC. You will have to look further afield to ID that one.

No Prizes but lets see how good you are! You don't even have to get out of your arm chairs to do this one.

Happy Christmas......

Bernie J.

1934 Lagonda Rapier


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The detail and resolution is hard to make a lot of these out. These are a few of my guesses, pretty much in the order I recognized them:

The green car in the foreground left is a Morris Oxford.

The light blue car on the far left is an Austin 7.

Thew small blue car in the middle of the back row looks like Amilcar.

The badge on the red car in the foreground looks like a Bentley, but the radiator surround looks too thick.

The black car pulling in looks like a Bugatti 35A.

The red car in the back row is probably a Rolls.

The white car that says "GN" is a GN. (That was easy!)

The white car with red fenders on the right is an MG J2.

I believe the green car next to it is an Invicta, but that's a shot in the dark.

The green car about to leave is an Aston Martin.

There's an early 3-wheel Morgan hiding under an umbrella in the back row next to the red "Rolls".

Most of those are pure guesses. Thanks for posting the picture!:)

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blue 30/98 Vauxhall, red M45 Lagonda, GN with JAP v8 aero engine is Richard Scaldwell's,blue Amilcar in the back row next to a red Stutz, red Bentley 3 litre in front row, yellow AC leading a Green Aston leaving car park while a grey type 35 Bugatti enters, red Alfa 6c zagato far right and yes a Morgan under the umbrella, MG j2 far left behind 30/98, small austin 7 heading to tire shop, that Edwardian aero car is on the tip of my tongue as I just watched it on youtube a few weeks ago! could the one that looks like a VW from the back be a Jowett Javelin?

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Hi Barry

You are going well!

As a bonus I will tell you that Jowetts did not introduce the Javelin until after WW2 That funny little blue/grey car is a Lancia Aprillia, first introduced in about 1934 it was just as inovative as the Lambda in its own way and a really quick point to point car.

See also my New Year's message just posted on my Packard Coupe thread in Our cars and Restoration Projects.


Bernie J.

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