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Duesenberg photo


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Guest ChrisSummers

That's Rollston JN Convertible Coupe, J-564 / 2589, which is owned by Bill Parfet and often displayed by him at Hershey and other major shows. It is the only one of the three JN convertible coupes to have four door hinges on each side. It is also the only original SJN from the factory. (The Nethercutt car received its blower, assembled from original parts, when their shop restored it.)

It runs and drives beautifully. How do I know? I got my first lesson in driving a stick shift in it. Bill is a GREAT guy. Here he's trying to keep me from destroying his car.


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Hi West, there were around 200 photo's in the box I bought. Most have nothing on the back of them. A few have the year and make of the car. The names on the back of some of the photo's are John Conde, Tom Gray, Applegate & Applegate. Some of the cars I can identify and some I have no idea what make they are. I will be posting more in the near future. It's nice to know some of these cars are still around and it great to find out the history on some of them. This is a great site, Thanks Daryl

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