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BMW Vent I.D. Help


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I am not sure of all years they may go on but they look like the side hood grilles on my 2002 BMW Z3 3.0i. You could do a search on one of the following sites to see if you can find a range of years they may fit. The Z3 was made from 1996 to 2002 and I believe they may fit all years and models of the Z3 plus the BMW M Roadster also produced during this time period

They are located on the lower rear sides of the hood adjacent to the front edge of the doors and just above a small fender section which is between the rear side of the front wheel openings and the doors.

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I can't figure out how to attach a photo or I would attach a close up of them from my Z3.

If you visit my website and select the BMW Z3 Tab you may be able to see them on my car. Bob's Vintage Cars


1933 Chevrolet

1962 Triumph TR4

1984 BMW 633 CSi

2002 BMW Z3 3.0i

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