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heater and hose routing?


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Trying to get the heater set in place on the 32 buick 57S. There is one port on the upper radiator neck area but where is the other hose attach? Did it attach to the lower hose? when we got the car there was one solid hose on the lower. We found in the mutliple boxes a rusted part of a tube that had a petcock in it. we are thinking that was spliced in the lower hose for a drain. Should there also have been a port for the heater there too?



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Guest Fr Mike

In my 1931 Buick 8-57, the upper heater hose (heater intake hose) connects to the radiator intake hose (the hose from the head to the upper radiator tank). The lower heater hose (heater outlet hose) connects to the lower radiator tank outlet hose between the lower radiator tank and the water pump.

I believe it is the same hook-up on a 1932 Buick.





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