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  1. Wondering who rebuilds the seat and window motors for a 55 crown vic? Or should we pull the trigger and buy new ones? Thanks corey
  2. We are starting on a customers 55 crown vic. Taking it apart have found we are in need of some items that I am not seeing are reproduced. The battery tray,passenger side inner front fender liner,left and right radiator support side panels. Ours are rusted behind the headlamps where the duct work starts directing air into the duct work. Any one know of any places that might have them? I have a name of a Don in NC and a Larry in minnesota and a Norbert in Oklahoma that I will be trying to call. Any other places that we should or should not be dealing with? Thinking of placing a sizable order with Mac's. Thanks corey
  3. he has one but said he may know someone else that has another one. give him a shout and he can better reply to that. thanks corey
  4. My customer Ladd McCluskey who we did the 32 57S for bought one thinking he was buying one for the 32 as we had one already. It actually looks the same just is bigger. I think he is looking at selling that one. His number is 605-951-0931.
  5. Just had customer come in asking to go look at his 35 high roof truck to restore. Going to go look at it next week hopefully when the boss gets back from vacation. He wants it restored to original except wants to change a few things to make it an easier driver. He wants to enjoy the truck rather than just park it in a show but I would guess hes looking at doing that too. Here are some of his modifications he wrote out on a sheet for me to think and go over. He wants to do away with the wood inside and do metal structure. Modern juice brakes turn signals on top of head lights and on rear side rear view mirrors button lock and unlock (I am guessing doors) 3 seat belts cable brakes only for emergency brake (?) devise solution to prevent gear shift from being stolen/unique knob. Not trying to make fun of his requests but this is on his notes that I and my boss need to go over to go look at the truck and get a game plan on doing the truck. He was told that doing the wood isn't the way to go as screws will naturally keep working loose. That is why he wants to look at doing away with wood frame and make it metal. Is there anyone doing metal inner structure to replace the wood? The juice brakes I am not sure on that. Can a guy put on later year brakes on a 35? Mirrors and turn signals are easy to just find ones that he likes just finding a turn signal set up for the steering column. Seat belts same thing just building them into the cab and making sure they look and function right while making sure there is enough support on them. Locking the doors I would say figuring out a lock set up or does anyone make one that's a bolt in for a 35 type truck other than maybe a street rod company. E brakes same thing wondering if a later year model truck/car can be used? The solution on the gear shift thing I am guessing he is thinking to prevent it from being put into neutral and pushed or pulled away and the truck stolen. We live in rural South Dakota so its not IMO big city living where you are worried of vehicle theft but still respect his concern that he is putting his money into something and is worried of theft. Any ideas? I have done a lot of 66 Chevy trucks and a 59 Chevy truck a few later 60's and 70's Chevy trucks but this would be the 1st of this years. I have done street rods but those have been just body and paint as the customers have done the main building of them. Only wood true restoration car we did was a 32 Buick 57S. That wasn't fun by any means. mainly cause there isn't much available on those cars. Who are good companies to buy parts from for a 35 Chevy truck? Sorry for all the questions but thought better to do one post than LOTS of multiple ones for each question, Thanks Corey
  6. Ok we got everything EXCEPT the metal tire covers for the 32. The question I have is the arm that goes through the cowl what size nut is that? The one that I am talking about is the one on the inside of the car. Just checked the local hardware store and 3/4 was to small and 7/8 to big. It is fine thread. Also the rod that goes up and down into the wheel locks. What size is that? Anyone make that? We have one and the other was broken. thanks corey
  7. found an old bugle newsletter. found his contact and just talked to him. great guy and answered the questions I had. Thanks Mac corey
  8. We found one locally and are wondering what parts are interchangeable? it is a 32 58 series from what we can figure out. what would work on a 32 57 series? thanks corey
  9. On a side note I am from south dakota. Never left here......why with the wonderful winters who could leave? I was just having a brain fart and couldn't think of what to call the bracket that the box sits on if that is what you were referring to. :)
  10. Thanks for all the great info. I wish I could post pics of it but the shop computer is slow. It is an actual potter box. The decal on the inside of the top is still there. We worked around it and left it intact. The question I have about the carrage bolts through the box and into the shelf bracket on the car is how did they get gas into the car? We are waiting for the bumpers to come back from chroming so nothing is bolted on there but just looking at it and trying to imagine where it all goes to me it looks like it will cover the gas tank neck. Am I over thinking this? corey
  11. OK we have the shelf and all the brackets on the car(32 buick 57S). How were they(boxes) held to the shelf? Also does anyone redo/reproduce the chrome corners and taches for these boxes? Also what is a potter box worth these days? We have the one for the 32 buick but also have a gray square style box that the boss ownes. Not sure what that one was for. Thanks corey
  12. yes thank you. We got the hood all together now and ready to install as an assembly on the car. Just need to wait for an extra hand. We had to make a piece that was brokem off the front bracket that goes into the chrome trim that divides the top hood halves. I am glad that cars now adays aren't set up with hoods like the buick! Man took a day to totally assemble all the related pieces on the hood and on the car and put the 4 halves together and it isn't on the car yet!
  13. Trying to get the heater set in place on the 32 buick 57S. There is one port on the upper radiator neck area but where is the other hose attach? Did it attach to the lower hose? when we got the car there was one solid hose on the lower. We found in the mutliple boxes a rusted part of a tube that had a petcock in it. we are thinking that was spliced in the lower hose for a drain. Should there also have been a port for the heater there too? Thanks corey