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How many on here are 30 or Younger?

Guest Buick1908

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Guest Buick1908

Just looking to see how many people on here are of the younger generation of the old car hobby like me.

How did you get started in the hobby?

(Dad, Grandpa, Friend)

How old were you when you bought your first old car?

What cars are of greatest interest to you?

(Brass, Pre-war, Post-war, Classic, Muscle)

What are the old cars that you own?

Here is a little about myself.

I am 19 years old and have been collecting cars for 2 years. The person that got me started in the car hobby is my great grandfather. His name was Richard (Dick) Hornung of Cheney, Nebraska. Maybe some of you older folks knew him. He had a collection of every Ford Model T and A, plus a Cord and an old 1909 Buick Model 10 and others. I am not old enough to remember his collection as it was all sold in the 1980s to a collector in Colorado but I always have heard about it and because of that I took a liking to old cars. Over the last two years I have collected all the old cars I could. I really like the prewar cars and my first classic car was a 1928 Dodge Victory 6 4 door sedan. This car runs but needs an overhaul of the engine and brakes. Because I am always looking for old cars at a good price, I am not very particular when it comes to make or model, just as long as its old. The next old car that I purchased was a 1958 Ford Custom 300 4 door. This car is a lot of fun to drive and is one that I take to shows. The next old car that I added to the collection was a 1965 Ford F-250, and it is yet another one that's taken to shows and driven on a regular basis. The fourth classic added was a 1964 Ford F-100 Flareside. This truck is not running, but it will be a good restoration candidate someday. The next old car is actually owned by both me and my 15-year-old brother. We purchased this one about a month ago so it hasn't gone to any shows. It is a 1959 Edsel Ranger 4 Door Sedan. This car runs and drives great! The last car that I added to the collection was a 1948 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe. This car does not run, but with a little love will be on the road again shortly. This car was also purchased by my brother and I. I also collect tractors and implements, too. With these collections I hope to one day open a Classic Car and Tractor Museum. That was my great grandfathers dream, to open a museum, but money talks and that's what happened and he sold his great collection. I haven't been around long on this forum, but I want to say that it is full of very knowledgeable people.

Thanks for reading, from Nebraska, home of Husker Football, Andrew.

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Well, I am 22, been on here since I was 19. Been into old cars since the day I was born, and the cars below in my signature are the ones I own. I have been in Hemmings twice in featured articles and have interesting stories about all the cars, and I drive them all!

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