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After-market sunroof


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on my '89, I have a aftermarket Webasto glass power sunroof. My aunt's '90 has a aftermarket Webasto glass hand crank sunroof.

On the '90 i have the original complete owner's manual, and it includes a little booklet from Webasto about operation and such. It also includes a picture of what looks like a plastic piece that snaps onto the inside of the glass to make the car not get so hot.

Does anyone have one of these? Does anyone know where to get one? Does anyone have another solution to reduce the heat that comes through the SR?

Thanks in advance.:D

P.S. does anyone know how many cars were outfitted with one of these? i just find it a bit odd that I ended up with two.. :confused:

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I have the same after market sunroof. It has the piece that snaps in under the glass to keep it cool in the car. It also has vents in it to let the cool air rise and keep the glas cool. I will look at it and see if there is aname on it. Perhaps you can still get one.:)

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