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'64 Riviera parts


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Hello Paul,

I could use the following '64 Riviera parts:

Chrome piece around gear selector

Rear ashtray/courtesy light housing

Turn signal housing (chrome piece below steering wheel)

Windshield wiper escutcheons

Driver's side vent window frame (diecast piece)

Lower turn signal extensions (diecast piece on either side of lower bumper)

I'm looking for parts which have nice chrome and would not need to be replated.

Thanks for your assistance,

Mike Lawson

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Guest ErikDurocher

Hello Paul,

Hope all is great with you and your cars...

If you have the passenger's side vent window frame (diecast piece -hopefully w/ nice chrome no rust.?) -Any photos would be great. I'd love to replace my rusted decayed leaky one.

-Also looking for the wood(or plastic?) cap to the gear selector/stick -just the small round piece w/ hole through it that fits on top.

-Oh, and mine needs a hood ornament if it's not pitted badly & under $35... :) And the Blinker stalk/stick that screws into the column -just the one chrome piece.

Any photos of these are welcome...

Please let me know when you can -and price + aprox. shipping to 92109 if possible... one shoebox or padded envelope should work if you've got all 4 things.

Thanks in advance -I'll likely think of more needs soon.

Best regards,

-Erik Durocher


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