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Looking for Tim the MOPAR guy from MI

Dan Marx

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this is a strange request, as always you see folks once or twice a year and you can remember their face and perhaps first name, well here it goes: I am trying to contact Tim, he deals in MOPAR stuff and lives in the greater Detroit area. I would see him at every swap meet that I was a vendor at, and he was a good customer. I have moved south, and Tim called with a lead on some parts. As luck would have it, I have lost his number. By description he is 6ft tall, slender with grey hair, late 50's -60 years old. I always knew him as Tim the MOPAR GUY. If this sounds like you know this fella, have him contact Dan at dlmarx@bellsouth or call me. I am travelling in Michigan the next 10 days.

Thanks all


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Contact the phone company that handles the phone service he called in on. See if they will send you a copy of your phone records for that period of time. We did that because we wanted to prove that the road service we had never called us back. In this case it was our cell phone and they printed us a copy off right there in the local Sprint store.

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