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About the 1955 Starfire


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I'm looking to buy a 1955 Starfire Convertible. The car currently has a Continental Kit, dual tail pipes and no piping in the two-toned upholstery. Can the Oldsmobile experts out there tell me if in fact the Continental Kit is factory (as an option) or aftermarket, if the car had two tail pipies or one, and if the upholstery should be leather or vinyl. Thanks in advance for all your help!

Jay Kingston

1931 Cadillac

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FYI, according to more than one styling books I have when they refer to GM styling with cars with "sweep cut styling", cars such as 1954 98 Holiday coupe and 1955 Starfire were never intended to use fender skirts so keep that in mind. Unlike a 55 Olds 88, which has the double lip in the fender for the skirt, the sweep cut is in the skirt itself. In other words the 88 was intended for the skirt and the Starfire was not.


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Don and Glenn,

Thank you very much for the information. I had my doubts from what research I could do and from pictures I've found on the internet. It appears that the car I was looking at has been somewhat customized. I prefer stock automobiles. I'll keep on the hunt for a mid 50's Oldsmobile. These cars have beautiful lines! Thanks, again!


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