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1931 plymouth fuse

Guest 1931 plymouth

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Guest 1931 plymouth


I have a 31 plymouth PA that I purchased. The wiring is really bad so I ordered all new wiring. My question is : there is a fuse located on the back of the ampmeter that is missing. Does anyone know what size fuse goes in there? I have a copy of the instruction book that was printed in Dec. 1931 that has a diagram in it and shows a fuse, but dosen't say what AMP it is. The car has the original 4 cyl. eng. and 6 volt system in it.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Best Regards

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Hmmm. I use a 20 amp fuse on the back of the ammeter on my 1933 PD which has a similar electrical system (18 amp generator on the PD versus 16 amp generator on the PA). And I have used that value fuse since I got the car, a time which I only had the instruction book for reference.

But you are right, I don't see the amp rating of the fuse anywhere in that book. And I don't see it in my other reference material either. So now I am wondering where I came up with that value. Maybe that is what was in there when I got the car.

Given the rating of the generator and the fact that your load (headlight bulb ratings, etc.) are very similar to what I have, 20 amps is about right for the fuse.

But I am going to start digging for some period reference that actually gives the numbers.

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Guest 1931 plymouth

Thanks to both of your replys.

i will put a 20 amp fuse in as soon as I install the new wiring.

PLY33: I would be very interested in hearing from you if you find any info about this. I have searched the internet and cannot find any reference to this fuse.


Thanks again and have a great day

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Guest martylum

Hi-i Just reread the wiring section of the 1930 Desoto owners manual which mentions a fuse in the wiring circuit but does specify the amp rating. I think the headlights draw about 10 amps with 32-50 watt bulbs and the ignition draws under 3 amps and the generator is rated for a max. of 16 amps.

I use a 20 amp fuse in my 2 early Chrysler cars and think anything lower might be blowing too often. The manual suggests setting the generator 3rd brush output so your ammeter shows about 12 amps under normal operating conditions.

Martin Lum

1930 DeSoto owner

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