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Fan Shroud I built for my 48


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This is the shroud I built for my 48, I got the dimensions from TWOZ about 6-8 years ago. All of this was built on a vise with a hammer and some tin snips. The welding of the fan blade cover was done by a good friend.

If you have acces to a break you can make it look much better.

Here are the dimensions.

26 3/4" wide on front side to side.

top to bottom 26 5/8"

top to cut out on sides 14 1/2"

top center to fan opening 3 1/4"

fan opening is 18" and on mine is 1/4" narrower on the drivers side to keep the fan centered and I only have 3/8" when mounted between fan and shroud.

The fan cover is 1 1/2" wide and 42" long

dont forget to add 3/4" to the sides for the bend top also, I added 1 1/2" at the top to make a rounded edge since it sits up against the core, didnt want a sharpe edge there.

The side platesare 5" wide by 12" long and bolted to the inside of the fan shroud and then to the side plates of the radiator cradle.

I used 18 guage sheet steel for everything with some J nuts to bolt it all together.

If anywants more info on it or more detailed pics let me know and send me your email. I will see if I can find the TWOZ to post thier drawing of it.






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