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1948 Chevy Versus 1948 Olds Body Dimensions


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Would any of you know if Olds and Chevy shared the same size Coupe Body? Also-was there any difference between a Canadian and US Body? I would like to put a 48 Oldsmobile dash in a 48 Australian Chevy Coupe based "Ute"project with it's more ornate intruments etc. I would also convert to LHD with the other donor Car Parts. Donor car is in another state and I am trying to get measurments. I know Cadillac and maybe Buick had a bigger body. I know the "Ute" Cabs were made in Canada and shipped to Holden Body Works in Oz where the rest of the Bodies were made. The doors on the Ute are not like an American counterpart.

Thanks in advance

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The Oldsmobile 66 model used the GM A body which was also used on Chevrolets and Pontiacs. So the dash should fit without too much work.

The 76 and 78 models used the GM B body which is completely different, and larger. The 98 shared the C body with Cadillac and Buick Roadmaster and is different again.

If you are not sure get a picture of a Chev (A body) and a Buick Special or Super (B body). One of them will resemble the main body of the Olds, if you disregard the front.

The final proof is in measuring the instrument panel. The width and contour of the A body Olds will be the same as a Chevrolet.

So far as I know there is no significant difference between US and Canadian bodies.

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It seems likely that the bodies were shipped in CKD form (completely knocked down, meaning in pieces) then welded together and finished in Australia.

Is it possible Holden made their own doors, as there was no Ute model in the US or Canada?

You could get the person who is selling the instrument panel to measure its width. If it is a 66 model or the Australian equivalent, it should be practically the same as your Chev. The 76 will be wider and the 98 wider again.

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