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Looking for help-58 Rambler Wagon

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Im new to Ramblers. Ive been collection Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles for years and just found a 58 Rambler wagon I really like. Its a 6 cylinder 3 speed with overdrive. Thats about all I know. What should I look for on these before buying? How do I know what moel it is? Any guidaance or assisitance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Jim Jordan

Oklahoma City

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I have a '58 Ambassador wagon. If it's an Ambassador it will say that on the front fenders and on the rear. If it is the mid-sized Rambler (what came to be known as the Rambler Classic a few years later), it will say Super or something like that and will have pretty much the same dash as the Ambassador. If it is the American, it will be a really small car with sort of a rounded oval grille and probably a flathead 6 engine.

Pete Phillips

Sherman, Texas

1958 Ambassador 4-dr. ht. wagon

1964 American convertible

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