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1940 Lincoln Columbia two-speed

Jim Zephyr

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Does anyone out there know of an original install on a 40 Continental that I could take notes on? location of speedo converter, etc? Pictured here

is Johnny J. Stooksbury of Knoxville with my 86H standard 4.44 rear end about

to be a built up and bullet-proofed two-speed. My sister met up with Johnny

on a bike ride from California to North Carolina - he is 78 years of age and still works in a Harley store and does machine work in his shop after bypass surgery last year!



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Jim if you search this web site or search my posts there are more than enough pictures of my 1940 lincoln that should help you. Let me know if this helps if not I will try and copy and past them to this post.

Hope this helps Mark,

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Jim Z, here's a few pics of the speedo converter, vacuum valve and vacuum plumbing. Excuse the "not pristine" condition of the underside, the car is an original, unmolested survivor and the Columbia parts are as they came from the factory. The vacuum lines are inside the left frame rail to the center crosspiece where they move to the center and are mounted on the torque tube.








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wow! between these three nice 40 Lincolns, I should be able to gain the confidence to drill where needed - thank you! Still looking for the spot where

the cables come out of the firewall and more underside shots are helpful.

Hope to see your cars up close one day - I am appreciative of your help. Jim

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Mark Thanks for your help - it appears that there are dimples

pressed into the firewall stamping where the holes that your

installation picture shows - didn't expect that to be so easy!

Spotting the under dash pull will be less exact.






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Hi Mark,

No, car is not back yet, but I keep thnking any day now. I will be retired once again next Friday, the 11th so I will find the time to go down and see where they are with it. The hold up had been the top motors.


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