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90/91 steering wheel variation?


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In getting ready to send a steering wheel to Craft Customs, I noticed something I never have til now. The steering wheel in my 91 now (the factory original AFAIK) has a single seam in the leather at the six o'clock position (center bottom).

The one I am sending in came out of a junked 1990, and has two seams, one at 5 and another at 7 o'clock, so essentially two pieces of leather were used. I think I prefer this version over the single seam, from an aesthetic standpoint.

I guess my question is, was this a running change from 90 to 91, or is there no particular rhyme or reason to it? Those of you with 1990's and 91's might check and see if your wheel has one or two seams in the leather. I'm just curious, since this is the first I noticed the difference.


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