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1940 Limited Model 81


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This 20K-mile original beauty is owned by Randy Mason of Dearborn, MI,

a good friend and a retired curator of the Henry Ford Museum.


Larger, click once after opening to enlarge.





The car is unusual in that it doesn't sport dual sidemounts, and that lack of the six wheel

treatment makes it appear quite lithe, belying the car's large proportions. A delightful

two-hour ride in the Michigan countryside yesterday amply demonstrated the Limited's

vault-like solidity and silky smooth ride.



I really love low-mileage survivors (who doesn't), and the big Buick could be a poster car

for the mantra, "they're only original once."


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Beautiful car, too bad it has not been enjoyed much...., but all the better for the present owner. I too have a relatively low mileage unrestored (except for paint) 38 Buick Special currently with 40,842 original miles.

I do like original low mileage cars, but refuse to make them museum pieces.

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